In Japanese tradition, Kai represents change, while Zen describes better. Together, they create the theory by which we live. Kaizen Theory is a continuous contribution to yourself, designed to empower you in all your pursuits.


Grounded in your unceasing progress, Steph Beck’s Kaizen Theory offers a virtual, one-of-a-kind experience, keeping you on track with your motivational cues in mind. 


A global brand with an individualized focus, you’ll gain the skills to get you comfortable in your own skin. Our Wholeness Groups are just the beginning. A first step to unlock your potential and discover yourself regardless of personal barriers, daily expectations, and the pressure from within and without. Following the theory, you will feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


At Kaizen Theory you’ll learn action without purpose is a drain. You’ll discover a path forward to shift your perspective, so you can shape your life. Give back to yourself and unlock your potential.



From struggling with body issues and low-self esteem to finding focus and fitness, Steph Beck lives her Kaizen Theory. 


Growing up Steph began altering who she was to fit in with the crowd, she struggled to find herself and her place in the world. 

In 2012 Steph and her then-business partner opened a company offering customized coaching and personal training. Within three years, they opened a commercial gym and added a second location three years after that.  


As much as she loved helping people get fit, Steph knew it was more important to teach them to feel more comfortable in their skin. She started to focus on sustainable happiness and inner peace - creating more balance for herself and her clients.

These things create the foundation for how we react or respond to things, which ultimately changes our outcome/result of what we do or have in life.

In 2019, after a big personal change, Steph was inspired to get back to her roots and help people to learn how to care for themselves - inside and out - to create the most fulfilling life possible. She does this with the Kaizen Theory. She teaches it and she lives it.